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Rotating the Centroids

TWO APPROACHES to factor rotation are supported: (1) a mathematical procedure called Varimax; and (2) a theoretical based process referred to in the program as Graphical Rotation and in the literature as Judgmental Rotation. After centroids have been extracted, you may choose to use either or both procedures.


The Rotation Dialog

Working with Judgmental Rotation

Varimax Rotation

Judgmental Rotation Tutorial




The Rotation Dialog

Rotation icon  


After the sorts have been factored, at the Tool Bar, click on the Rotation button to access the Rotation Dialog. Next, choose either the Graphical or Varimax procedure. Since the program supports multiple rotations, you may also choose between Unrotated, Graphics and Varimax factors depending, of course, on whether or not the factors have been rotated or not.



Rotation dialog

The program is flexible regarding rotation. You may choose to perform both Varimax and Graphical (Judgmental) rotations. Tip: Choose Varimax first to get a mathematical solution. Then, if you wish you may select the Graphical method and choose to start with either the Unrotated or the Varimax factor loadings. For example, you may use Varimax factor loadings and later choose to begin with the Unrotated loadings. Please remember, though, that the Final Log Report will be based upon the last rotations you performed.

Click on one of the Initial Values, and then click on Rotate to proceed.

After the rotation is completed, you will be returned to this screen.

Click on Done to return to the main screen, or you may perform another rotation.

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Varimax Rotation

After selecting Varimax at the Rotation Dialog, this screen will be displayed.


Varimax dialog

Since Varimax is an iterative procedure, a maximum number of cycles can be set. The default value of 200 should be adequate for most situations.

The program calculates a theoretical level of significance. You may change this value. Please see the FAQ for more information.

The program will rotate all factors, but you may choose to rotate fewer.

Click on Matrix to view a table containing the rotation results.



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